Candy Covered Chocolate Sheet Cake

A giant sour cream chocolate cake that boasts an incredibly light and tender crumb, plenty of creamy chocolate frosting and a boatload of candy to decorate. Favourite candy can be choosen.

Cake (15 Personas) 22€ The price may vary depending on the candy selected

Mini Cheesecakes

Mini Cheescakes with different filling and topings. You can select whatever filing our toping is your favourite. For example: +jam +chocolate +dulce de leche +fresh fruite like strawberries or blueberries Also available Glutenfree!

Mini Cheesecake 2.50€ (minimum 6) with filling/toppig of choice

Mini Cheescake Selection Box (12 unidades) 30€

White Chocolate Raspberry Tart » Tarta de Chocolate Blanco y Frambuesa » Weiße Schokoladentart mit Himbeeren

White Chocolate Rapsberry Tart

White Chocolate Truffel Tart with a fresh raspberry filling and a golden crust. Super rich cake but worth every calorie. » Tarta de trufa de chocolate blanco con un relleno de frambuesa fresca y una corteza dorada. Un pastel súper rico pero que vale todas las calorías. » Weiße Schokoladen-Trüffel-Torte mit einer frischen Himbeerfüllung und einer goldenen Kruste. Super Torte und jede Kalorie wert.

Tart (8-10 personas) 20€

Oreo Cheescake

Oreo Cheesecake is thick, creamy and filled with cookies and cream! Baked in an Oreo crust and topped with cookies and homemade whipped cream.

Small Cake (4-6 Person) 19€ Big Cake (8-10 Person) 27€