A little about me!

About me!

Since June 2015 I call the Island my home. My plan was to stay here for 3 month to learn the language but it seemed that I kept on missing my planes. Four years later I am still here living my dream.

My roots are in Germany and after spending some years in England and the US where I found most of my sweet inspiration, I now call Spain my real home.

For me eating has always been more than only the intake of food.

When I was little, cooking and baking fascinated me and I started early to learn all about it from my mum and grandma. Later on I studied Hospitality business and spend a good time of that in the kitchen.

Since then food is an important part of my life. I enjoy creating a tasty meals and it relaxes me to bake a sweet treat.

All those years I cooked and baked for family and friends but now I am taking my chance to start something that I am passionate about.

Natural ingredients and fair trade are important factors for me and I also try to use local products as much as I can. This is not the cheapest way but the most ethic one for our environment and our health.

In today’s world a lot of people have to fight with allergies, therefore I am happy to adapt my recipes to fit everyone’s needs.

I never been a diet person and strongly believe a balanced nutrition is the way to live. You need to find a healthy balance of savoury and sweet, a treat and a good nutrition.

Move your body and a little cake does no harm.

What I Do!

You need a cake, a special dessert or awesome cookies, either for a dinner, a party, a brunch or whatever occasion it may is, but don’t have time or passion to do it?

That is were I can help you, because baking and cooking is my passion.

I creat whatever flavour you can imagine with all natural and as much as I can local ingredients.

You are vegan or need something vegan, any allergies are limiting your sweet tooth?

I am happy to adapt my sweet to meet your needs.

Just contact me and I create the perfect sweet treat for you!